What is project management?

Exactly what is Project 



More specifically, what is a project? It really is the temporary attempt undertaken in order to create a distinctive product, service or result.

A project is actually temporary in that it has a single characterized start as well as end in time, as well as for that reason characterized scope and resources.

What is project management



And the project is actually distinctive in that it is actually not a routine operation, however the specific set of functions designed to complete a singular objective. So a project team often includes people whom don’t usually function collectively – sometimes coming from various organizations and across multiple geographies.

The development of computer software for an better work process, the building of a building or bridge, the alleviation effort after a natural disaster, the growth of product sales inside a brand new geographic marketplace — all are projects.

Plus all must be skillfully handled to deliver the on-time, on-budget results, learning as well as integration that organizations need.

Project management, subsequently, is the use of knowledge, expertise, tools, as well as strategies to project activities in order to meet the project requirements.

It has constantly been practiced without formality, however began to appear because a separate profession in the mid-20th millennium.

What is project management and groups?


Project management processes fall into five groups:

  • Initiating
  •  Preparation
  • Executing
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Finishing

Project management knowledge pulls on ten areas:

  • Integration Scope Time
  • Cost Quality Procurement
  • Human resources Communications Risk management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Almost all management is concerned with these, of course.
  • But project management brings a unique focus shaped by the objectives, resources as well as plan of every undertaking.


What is project management and its worth?

The worth of that focus is proven by the rapid, worldwide development of project management:

  • as a respected and strategical organizational competence
  • as the topic for training and education
  • as a career path (help your professional CV )

If you are interested in project management there are many resources.

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