Emotional Intelligence Tips (Part 2)

Emotional Intelligence Tips (Part 2)…Continuation of Part 1

Emotional Intelligence Tips 2


Emotional Intelligence Tips 3: Pay Attention to Just How You Behave

As I mentioned on top, your secret part of improving our EI is actually learning to handle our thoughts, that is one thing we can just do if we’re consciously aware of all of them.

Emotional IntelligenceEmotional Intelligence

Whilst you’re practicing ones psychological understanding, pay interest to your conduct too. Notice just how you act when you are feeling certain emotions, as well as how that affects your daily life. Does it impact your communication with others, your productivity, or your overall sense of wellbeing?


Once we become more conscious of just how we’re reacting to our emotions, it’s effortless to slide into judgement mode as well as start attaching tags to our conduct. Try to abstain from performing that right now, because you’ll become much more likely to be sincere with your self if you are really not judging yourself at the same time period.



Emotional Intelligence Tips 4: Take Responsibility for Your Feelings as well as Behaviour

This is actually probably the most challenging step, and it’s also the most priceless. Ones emotions and behavior come from you—they don’t come from anyone else—therefore, you’re the one who’s responsible for them.


If you feel hurt in response to something somebody states or does, plus you lash out at them all, you are responsible for that. They didn’t “make” you lash out (they’re not managing you with puppet strings, after all!), your response is actually ones responsibility.


Equally, your emotions could supply you with valuable facts regarding your experience of the another person, as well as your own needs as well as preferences, but ones emotions are not another person’s accountability.


Once one start acknowledging responsibility for just how you feel as well as how you behave, this will have a positive influence on all areas of your lifetime.

Emotional Intelligence Tips 5: Practice Empathizing with Yourself and Others

Empathy is about understanding the reason why somebody feels or acts in a particular way as well as being in a position to communicate that understanding to them. This applies to our selves as well as other people, as well as practicing this ability will better your EI.


Start by practicing with yourself. When you notice yourself experiencing or acting in a particular way, ask “Why do I believe I’m feeling like this/doing this?” At first, your response may be “I don’t know,” but keep paying interest to your feelings and behavior, and you’ll start to notice different answers coming through.



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