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The purpose of this managerial skills blog is to provide a range of tips and techniques to improve managerial skills in South Africa. Managerial skills which are linked to leadership skills are essential in order to effectively lead successful corporates. The need to improve managerial skills cannot be under emphasised.

Managerial Skills
Managerial Skills

Poorly run companies can have a negative impact on the country as a whole. In the extreme case it can lead to company closure, which can result in job losses and stakeholder loss generally.

On the other hand if a company is run well, the following can be achieved:

1) Company overall success.

2) Happier employees.

3) Improve overall economic growth in South Africa.

One may argue that it is not only the managers (managerial skills blog) that have an impact on the company, it is also the employees. This is true and an emphasis has to be on the lower level employees as well.


How exactly can managerial skills be uplifted:

1) On job training

2) Formal qualifications (eg degrees)

3) Apprenticeships

4) General Experience

5) Short Courses including soft skills and pc skills.

One has to distinguish between managerial skills and leaderships skills. These two concepts are often confused. It can be summarised nicely in the following quote: The manager’s role is to organize, plan  and coordinate. The leader’s job on the other hand is to inspire and motivate.

Many scholarly article shave been written on the difference but the key is that in order for companies to be successful they need both attributes.


Throughout this blog key skills and tips will be set out. It is hoped that knowledge will be gained by reading through the blog. In addition further training courses are provided.

Good luck and I hope this managerial skills blog really helps you!

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